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Our team of Notion Certified Consultants will design your Notion workspace and optimize your company’s Notion set up.


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We create digital user experiences and help your brand get in front of your audience by leveraging the most advanced digital marketing strategies and developing the best digital solutions for your business.

Marketing Strategy

By applying the Inbound methodology to your needs and goals, we design your very own marketing strategy to holistically tackle all areas of your communication, from PPC to Social Media Marketing, SEO and E-Mail Marketing.

System Design

We design fully customized systems (i.e. workspaces, process management platforms, automation workflows, etc.) to boost your team’s productivity and let you focus on your actual work.

UX Design

From prototyping to usability testing all our solutions are designed with a human centered approach.

Brand Strategy

Every company’s journey starts with branding. Designing an excellent branding strategy is therefore the first step for every business success story. At NexRock we offer strategic advice as well as technical support to bring to your brand the added value that you need to excel.


Modern technologies allow for an advanced degree in automation both on the marketing and in the business intelligence area. Along with marketing automation platfroms such as HubSpot, ActiveCampaign and Klaviyo, we master tools like Notion, Integromat, Zapier and that will bring your business automation game to the next level.

Lead Generation

We’re a growth partner for all those businesses who understand that technology can help them scale their operations in the most cost-effective way.

Our Mission

We Design for Humans

Whether it’s a marketing campaign or a digital development project, everything starts with the end user in mind.

Experience and know-how

We’ve been crafting beautiful digital experiences, launching stunning brands and supporting fast paced scale-ups since 2002.

An omni-channel approach for all your digital needs

We strive in a dynamic environment where being on top of the latest technologies is a strategic choice. That’s why we have built a multidisciplinary team whose skills allow us a holistic approach to support businesses on all areas of their online growth.

Fast reponse means fast gains

Being able to respond quicky to the challenges of your market makes the difference between winning and losing against your competition. That’s why we always guarantee the fastest response time in the industry.

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Engaging user experiences led by strategic insight.

All success stories at NexRock start with a thorough analysis of the market where we identify the main competitors and define your brand’s positioning. This helps us define realistic goals and a roadmap to achieve them. Here are some of the activities we cover:

  • Buyer Persona Analysis
  • Content Strategy Development
  • User Experience Desing
  • User Journey and Storyboarding
  • User Research and Testing
  • Prototype Sketching and Wireframes

Our Team

We sit at the intersection of marketing, design and technology. That’s all we’re passionate about. That’s all we care of.

We only rely on technologies we truly believe in.

Here are a few of our choices:


Years on the market


Customer retention


Digital projects



Our Clients

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