Since 2020

Certified Notion Consultants for your business.

We offer Notion Workspace Setup and Design to companies across the globe. Get in touch with a Certified Notion Consultant today.

Build Your Notion Workspace on a Solid Foundation

A Certified Notion Consultant from our team will assist you in every step of your journey.

System Design & Consultancy

Whether your Notion system is already up and running or it needs to be set up from scratch our Notion Consultants can support you along your journey.

Advanced Formulas

Automate your databases within Notion by adding advanced formulas to your tables. Our Notion Consultants will deliver a formula for each of you needs.

Template Creation/Customization

Every organization has specific needs, we can provide pre-set templates and tailor them to your requirements or buil 100% custom ones.

Team Training

Our Notion Certified Consultants will train your staff both on Notion standard features and on your custom workflows.

Workspace Integration & Automation

We integrate your Notion workspace with your external platforms and automate all interactions and recurring operations. We master all of the main integration platforms so that you don’t have to.

Ongoing Support

Our staff of Certified Notion Consultants guarantees there’s always someone ready to help and support your team along the journey.


Our promise

You’ll always work with Notion Consultants that are officially certified by Notion itself to support businesses make the most of their Notion systems. The Notion certification is a very demanding process and every applicant needs to pass an exam to be able to call themselves Certified Notion Consultants.
Here’s what our Notion Certified Consultants can help you with:

  • Simplify your tech stack
  • Let bots do the recurring tasks
  • Add context to your data
  • Allow relevant information to resurface
  • One single source of truth
  • True all-in-one workspace

Our Mission

To support Businesses boost their productivity
through Advanced Notion Systems
And Workspaces

Whether you’re a small team or a large organization you’ll benefit from a better organization of all the pieces of information that are normally scattered around various systems. Through our easy to use project management system and a pleasurable user experience our team of Notion Certified Consultants will bring significant improvements to your team workflows and systems. If your organization is interested in boosting its productivity saving time and processing information in an advanced way we believe you should have a chat with one of our Notion Consultants.

Save Time

By optimizing the management of information within your organization and through automation across your systems you can expect time savings of up to 64%.

Increase Productivity

Our system thinking approach will bring additional value to your data by adding context and allowing information to resurface in relevant times and context.

Simplify Your Tech Stack

A well designed Notion workspace will allow you to get rid of many applications and will allow for efficient integration with the remaining ones.
“There’s no easier way to up your game on Notion than to hire a Notion Certified Consultant. We turned to NexRock thanks to a friend recommendation and we couldn’t be any happier. We turned our system on its head and now it’s pure rock ‘n’ roll.”
Founder @ Noodo